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As with all things COVID, the ESA Paris program for the first time in 43 years had to be canceled. Every summer this local California study program takes aspiring Parisians on a whirlwind monthlong adventure like no other. It was through this program that I fell in love with Paris 7 years ago and why you are seeing this right now. It is unfortunate to all those who were expecting to be there this year and all though this can’t replace that, this monthlong celebration hopes to celebrate all things Paris! Join me and many others as we bring you Paris through our eyes and memories.

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Six years ago this month I committed to going abroad to Paris with ESA (European Studies Association) and it was the best decision I ever made.  I’m here now to tell you why ESA Paris is one of the best study abroad programs in California, and why doing this is something worth considering.

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Why studying abroad is something worth considering. It seems obvious that everyone would want to study abroad and I agree with that. If given the chance I believe 99% of people would go for it because why not. For some people though it never crosses their mind either for financial reasons, scheduling conflicts, or general lack of interest or awareness of such opportunities.

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