What and why is The Paris Connexion?

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What and why is The Paris Connexion?

I started this project with a basic premise. To connect more people to Paris so that they can feel what I feel for it. Like many others have discovered, Paris is one of a kind.

It’s not really about me, it’s about you. The beautiful thing about this city, that so many have fallen in love with is that we appreciate it fondly despite its flaws. Yet, in spite of all those realities we continue to love it.

But what is the city of Paris? We talk about cities like people, alive, dynamic, with its ups and downs, but simply put it is the people. The society that carries it forward everyday. To me the city is this community who exist in it and all those who left it yet their hearts didn’t. It is the bread makers, the wine tasters, the romantics, the stoics, the thinkers, the writers, the students, the first time visitors, the every summer voyagers, the art talkers, the jaywalkers, the book lovers, the history movers, the Parisians and the Parisians at heart who have made the city what it is. Through the centuries many have walked those streets, and every step has left its mark. Big or small, Paris has captured it all. It is all these people who I’ve connected with during my time there that brought forth this mission.

Although, it has been tricky to continue this project when you’re no longer in the city that has not stopped me from day one. What I bring to you is hopefully an idea, a place, a feeling, a “connexion” to all those who have experienced it and continue to relive those moments and memories.  To all those who have yet to live it, I wish you can as soon as possible. To those who have supported me and continue to do so, hopefully I bring you something worth your time and consideration, merci!

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