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My name is Christian Jimenez and I’m the founder of The Paris Connexion. In July of 2013, I had the good fortune of taking my first ever study abroad trip to Paris. East Los Angeles College’s ESA (European Studies Association) program gave me an adventure that forever changed my life.

Those 30 days were the catalyst for who I am now. It began my dream of traveling the world! Exploring a historic city revered for its culture, cuisine, art, beauty, cinema, and so much more, was amazing. The sights I saw, the castles I walked through, the museums I enjoyed were just a fraction of what made the trip so memorable. The best part was the friendships I made along this journey, developing bonds and a “connexion” that I know will last a lifetime.

The stories, experiences, and adventures my colleagues, friends and I had together are things we talk about to this day, and what has made Paris so special to me. Paris was not just a backdrop to this, it was and continues to be a symbol of inspiration for traveling, exploring, and enjoyment of life. I came back a different person with a new perspective and new life goals that fueled my passions in life.

That adventure was so great I was determined to go back as soon as possible, and I was able to return to Paris in 2016. Through the same program, I was able to have new experiences, and to develop relationships with a whole new set of people that also have become very close friendships. I know that our shared stories will remain with me forever. However I was not yet satisfied and I wanted more.

After these month-long trips I committed myself to traveling more and to a longer stay in that amazing city. Luckily for me as a student at California State University Los Angeles I had the opportunity to move there for a semester as an exchange student in 2017. After those five months there I know Paris will always be a part of my life now. With friends from all over the world now and Parisian ones too, it became normal for Paris to be part of my daily routine, even now here in Los Angeles.

For these reasons and more, I have decided to start this new adventure which allows me to invite friends and strangers alike to see one of the most amazing cities in the world through my eyes, and to establish more connexions that we can enjoy. 

This is just the beginning and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

See you soon Paris.

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