Frequently Asked Questions

Please use the following guide for any concerns you may have. Check back here often as this page will continually be updated. If there is still something not covered here feel free to use the Contact form to send us a message and we will respond to you within 24hrs. 

All products offered worldwide! (Except Cuba, Iran, Iraq, and North Korea)

Fulfillment of an order is usually within 2-7 business days depending on the product, availability, and distribution center. 

Delivery of product will depend on your choice of service carrier (if available), speed chosen, and other factors which can be out of our control. 

All products are stocked in the US but some also are fulfilled with a European distributor, if a product is fulfilled through the US for an international order it will take some additional days of delivery. 

Approximate Delivery Estimates
  • No rush (10-20 business days after fulfillment) Maybe without tracking
  • Economy (5-10 business days after fulfillment) Maybe without tracking
  • Standard (3-5 business days after fulfillment)
  • Express (1-3 business days after fulfillment)
  • Flat Rate (shipping speed depends on the carrier that’s selected)
Once your order has shipped it can take up to 48 hours for tracking info to show up in a carrier's tracking system.

Note that international shipment tracking may take up to a few days to display any updates but that doesn't necessarily mean the shipment is lost.

Overnight, express, and standard shipping methods will always have tracking.

Tracking may not be available for:
  • international shipments going out from our US locations with no rush or flat rate shipping methods
  • international shipments going out from our Europe location with no rush, economy, or flat rate shipping methods
Returns and Exchanges
Please see that section for more detailed information.

Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel an order once it has been submitted, as we cannot disrupt the workflow process fulfilled by our supplier.