Study Abroad

If you have ever wanted to study abroad in Paris, one of the main goals of this website then check out the following programs to experience the city of lights once and for all. 


European Studies Association (ESA)

School(s): City College of San Francisco, East Los Angeles College, Los Angeles City College

Frequency: Every Year

Length: 4 weeks

Price: $3700 

Application: November - April


ESA 2019 Activity Calendar

Cal State LA Exchange Program(s):

Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Commerciales d'Angers (ESSCA Paris) School of Management

Frequency: Twice a year (Spring and Fall semesters)

Length: 16 weeks

Price: Standard tuition cost (approximately $3372 per semester) 

Application: September 20th for Spring, March 1 for Fall



Ecole d'Ingenieurs (ECE Paris)

Frequency: Twice a year (Spring and Fall semesters)

Length: 16 weeks

Price: Standard tuition cost (approximately $3372 per semester) 

Application: September 20th for Spring, March 1 for Fall